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Shipping Roosters Ammo ships to the lower 48 states. We will provide the best possible shipping rates available at the time your items ship. Most all items will ship with a flat rate which will be provided to the customer before shipment. We normally ship items within 72 hours, Monday through Friday. We cannot ship to an anonymous person nor to a post office box. Roosters Ammo utilizes all available shipping companies and prefer companies which can provide tracking numbers.

Roosters Ammo is currently not a store front location. No items can be picked up at Roosters Ammo. We will provide local delivery services.

Quality control is a high priority at roosters ammo. If you are dissatisfied with any of our products we will replace the item free of charge. Return the items to us and we will make it right. Email for more detailed instructions on shipping return items to us.

Roosters Ammo is proud to utilize recycled items used in packaging and processing.